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5 Qualifications to Get a Private Money Loan

A private money loan is a short-term loan secured by real property, usually for a new purchase. While all real estate loans are secured by the property, private money lenders focus their underwriting on the property versus the borrower, which is where traditional lenders like banks usually focus their underwriting. The private money lender makes […]

Advantages of Using a Private Lender Over a Bank

When looking for an alternative to the arduous loan application process through a bank, many borrowers turn to a private lending company. Private lenders have a straightforward underwriting process and good private lenders take considerably less time to process loan applications than banks. Banks have stringent requirements and follow a complex approval process. Applicants must complete a […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are defined different depending the context. For some, a bridge loan is a short-term loan that helps the borrower meet their short-term liquidity requirements while they try to secure permanent financing. For others, it can bridge a time period gap while improvements are made to the property or its finance ability. Banks and […]

Altus Capital Invests in New Director of Lending

October 26, 2022 SANTA ROSA, CA – Altus Capital Group Inc (ACG) continues to build momentum with the addition of its new Director of Lending. Ian Tavelli joins ACG to help grow the company into a world-class private money lending platform. Ian Tavelli is the former President and CFO of Tavelli Company. During his leadership […]