October 26, 2022

SANTA ROSA, CA – Altus Capital Group Inc (ACG) continues to build momentum with the addition of its new Director of Lending. Ian Tavelli joins ACG to help grow the company into a world-class private money lending platform.

Ian Tavelli is the former President and CFO of Tavelli Company. During his leadership tenure at the family-owned business, Ian interfaced with clients, set up debt collection processes and oversaw all operations for the company. Prior to running the collection agency with his father, Ian had worked in the credit and banking industry. He served at Assistant Vice President and Loan Officer in charge of business development at North Valley Bank prior to its merger with Tri Counties Bank where he had served as Relationship Manager. Ian’s background in banking analytics, cash flow and strategic growth combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills provide him with the knowledge and expertise to develop and expand Altus Capital’s lending business. Ian earned his B.S. in Global Business Finance from Arizona State University.

“Altus has a proven track record of success within the real estate industry and I look forward to connecting our investor base with commercial and private lending opportunities.” -Ian Tavelli – Director of Lending, ACG

Forrest Jinks, ACG’s CEO, shared, “We have been bullish about the potential for the private money lending segment of our business for quite some time, but were deliberate in our search in bringing in additional resources in that we wanted someone that would be a great long term fit for Altus’s culture and vision. We believe we have found that person with Mr. Tavelli.”

About Altus Capital

Altus Capital was formed to satisfy the growing demand for alternative financing while offering its investors opportunities for relatively low risk real estate equity-based investment. With over twenty-five years of experience in real estate and finance, we’re able to creatively fund our borrower’s property or development project. For more information, please visit: https://altuscapitalgroup.com/.